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Frequently Asked Questions

What's this all about, then?

Our Fantasy RLCS game is very similar to Fantasy Football, except rather than picking footballers, you're picking the stars from the Rocket League Championship Series! You'll use your fantasy budget to pick a team of players to field. Your score depends on how well those players do in their RLCS matches.

Sounds good, how do I play?

First and foremost, hit the login button up in the top right to log in to the platform via your account.

Next, you'll need to pick a team of seven players from across the three RLCS regions. Each player has a value assigned to them, and you have a budget of $5000 to use. Each team needs six starting players and one substitute. Once you're happy with your team, you'll be able to pick a team name and submit it. You're able to make unlimited adjustments to your team prior to the week one deadline, but after that you're limited to one change per week until the final week.

What's new this season?


This was a very popular request! Unlike last season, your team isn't locked in for the entire season. Each week you'll be able to replace one player with another, as long as the change is still within your $5000 budget.


The biggest change this season will see us welcome the Oceania region into the Fantasy RLCS! Unlike season 3, the OCE schedule largely matches that of EU and NA RLCS League Play this time around, so you'll be able to pick from your favourite OCE players, as well as those from the more established European and North American scenes.

Due to OCE RLCS league play being offset by one week compared to EU and NA play, OCE players will unfortunately not be participating in gameweek one. Keep this in mind when picking your initial roster, if you go all in on OCE to begin, you may find yourself struggling for points in gameweek one.

The one week offset also means that week 6 of the league will be OCE week! You'll be allowed unlimited transfers in the run up to the week and only OCE players will be available for selection. You'll have to keep an eye on the OCE league play if you want to do well.


We never liked the automatic replacement system we had in place last season. This season, as you may have gathered from the 'How Do I Play' section, you'll have to pick your own substitute. If one of your starting six doesn't play, they'll automatically be switched with your benched player at the end of the week. If your benched player also doesn't play, you'll receive no points from those players that week. Points for a player on your bench are only counted if one of your main six do't play, so pick your team carefully!


One of the biggest requests we saw last season was to implement leagues where groups of friends could join up and test their skills against one another. Leagues come in two flavours:


Standard leagues are much like the global leaderboards, just on a far smaller scale. Groups can come together and are ranked purely based on the total score of their players. Whoever's players score the most points over the season wins!

Head To Head

Unlike standard leagues, Head to Head leagues have fixtures. Fixtures will be generated for the league at the beginning of the season. Each week you'll face off against another team in the league. If you score more points in that week than your assigned opponent, you'll get three points. If you tie, you'll receive one point. Whoever has most points at the end of the season wins.

In the event your H2H league has an uneven number of teams, the space will be filled by a team picked by members of the Rocket League Garage and Rocket League Central team.


Last season we felt that compared to the score spread, there was too large a price differential between player at the top and bottom of the list. We've tightened the difference this season, whilst still trying to allow you to create a competitive team.

How does scoring work?

If you played last season, the scoring will feel familiar with only one minor change. Shots now earn a player 15 points rather than ten to better match the in-game scoring system.

Each value on the in-game scoreboard at the end of the game will be multiplied by a certain value. The total points for that game will be the total of all of these points

Points per action

  • In-game Points * 1
  • Goal * 50
  • Assist * 25
  • Save * 25
  • Shot * 15

For example:

  • 560 Points = 560
  • 1 Goal = 50
  • 2 Assists = 50
  • 1 Save = 25
  • 3 Shots = 45
  • Game Total = 730

This value is added together for each game in a match. For example, say this player scored 700, 730 and 760 points in a three game match, the total would be 2190. Finally, this is then divided by 3 (the number of games in the match) to give a final player score for that match of 730.

In the event that a player plays more than one match in a single week, their score for that week will be an average of those match scores. For example, if a player's total scores in two matches in the same week were 500 and 1000, their score for that gameweek will be 750.

Which parts of the RLCS does this cover?

To make everything balanced and to have players play a similar number of matches, this game will only run during EU, NA and OCE league play. Regional championships weeks will not be included in the fantasy RLCS.

This site feels like a work in progress!

It is, to some extent. We'll be making tweaks and adjustments over the season based on feedback, but we won't make any adjustments to pricing or the core game. If you want to send us any constructive feedback, good or bad, send a tweet to RLGarage or email questferret (at)

Do leagues have a minimum or maximum number of participants?

Yes, any leagues with less than 3 teams will be removed after the gameweek one deadline. Leagues are limited to a maximum of 50 members unless otherwise stated.

Why can I only make two leagues?

This is a soft limit to attempt to curb too many leagues being created and causing undue stress on our processing servers. If you need to create additional leagues, email questferret (at) with the reason why you need additional leagues.

How was player pricing established?

After much dispute we ultimately took a stats-based approach to the rankings of players, with minimal disgression in some cases where players had changed teams or roles within their teams. Statistics from RLCS S3 and other large recent tournaments was taken into account to give each player a weighted score, which we then converted into a dollar value for use on the site.

The final data set was compiled by DMRawlings, Cloudfuel, Jasher and Yumi Cheeseman, although we'd like to put a huge thank you on record to M1k3Gibbs and WrongWayWoody who also compiled data which was invaluable as a cross-reference and would have made for just as good a game.

Although pricing is locked in, if you have any feedback, please send it to us and we'll take everything into consideration when planning for next season's game (it's really quite difficult, so any ideas will be listened to!).

Who built this thing?

QuestFerret and vicegold.